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FloorHeat radiant heating element.

FloorHeat radiant floor heating system being installed under kitchen floor.

Electric Floor Heating Systems

While other radiant heat companies carry limited product offerings and try to convince you that their system is ideal for your needs, Warmzone manufactures and carries a diverse product selection, with each system offering specific advantages for different applications. Warmzone is continually testing and researching to offer the most proven radiant heat solutions possible. We have made it our mission to provide consumers with the best floor heating products available, at the best price. And by "best", we mean not just the best quality, but the best radiant heat system for your particular project. We carry both line and low voltage floor heating systems.
No single radiant heat system is "the best" for every floor heating application, which is why Warmzone offers such a large selection of top products. We look at every project and determine which floor heating system will be best for your application. We'll then show you some different options and offer our expert advice so you can make an informed decision. Our goal is to provide you with all of the information you need to ensure that you can install the system best suited for your application.

An ideal option for low-voltage heated floors is the FloorHeat radiant floor heating system. These systems are very versatile and can be used for virtually any flooring surface, but they are best suited to warm hardwood and laminate flooring. The self-regulating heating element is easy to install and extremely thin, so it requires no floor build up.
FloorHeat under hardwood floor.

Low voltage radiant floor heating system.

Self-Regulating Floor Heating System

FloorHeat is a flexible, yet durable polymer heating element that is very thin. It is used to provide radiant floor heat for all types floor surfaces, but is particularly suited for warming hardwood and laminate flooring. The heating element comes in rolls 9 and 12-inches wide. It can be cut to the desired length and field-wired on site and easily secured to the subfloor with adhesive or staples. The element is self-regulating which means that when the ambient temperature rises, the electrical resistance increases and the consumption of electricity decreases. For this reason, the system is very efficient and the element cannot overheat.

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Radiant Snow Melting Systems

Is your vision of a snowy day one of a cozy fire while you read the newspaper or waking up early to shovel your driveway before work? Relax in the mornings, and let our radiant snow melting system clear your driveway for you. Your liability at your business will also decrease as you clear walkways and steps of snow and ice with no effort at all.

These sophisticated radiant snow melting systems detect the temperature and moisture in the air, so when the conditions warrant, the snow sensor signals the control unit, which then sends power to the heat cable to begin warming the driveway as the first snowflake falls. You can have peace of mind knowing that wherever you have chosen Warmzone applications, slippery and dangerous ice is a thing of the past. We provide detailed custom design layouts of each radiant floor heating, snow melting and roof deicing system sold. And Warmzone also includes professional installation support.
Custom radiant snow melting system installed
Heating Under Hardwood Floors Made Easy

Slip off your shoes and soak up the heat of toasty warm hardwood floors. Whether you're building a new home, adding on to an existing home, or remodeling, the simplicity of our low-voltage radiant heat systems makes them easy to install.

FloorHeat is a flat, self-regulating floor heating element that can be installed directly underneath hardwood floors. Because these radiant heat systems are low voltage, the hardwood will not discolor or get damaged due to excessive heat expansion and contraction. The self-regulating property prevents the element from ever heating. Additionally, no glycol is needed in the installation, which can cause hardwood to warp from moisture.

Self-regulating, polymer floor heating mat.FloorHeat is a thin, yet very durable polymer heating element that can be used to provide radiant floor heat for all types floor surfaces, including: tile, hardwood, laminates, slate, marble, etc. The flexible heat element can easily be cut to the desired length and field-wired on site. The heating elements are secured to the subfloor with adhesive, staples, or pegs, facilitating quick and easy installation.
  • FloorHeat is a homogeneous, flexible and thin (1.2 mm) mat made of a unique polymer blend that heats when electricity passes through it.

  • The heating element has the ability to self-regulate and its advanced low-voltage technology makes it safe and very energy efficient.

  • The self-regulating attribute of FloorHeat means that when the ambient temperature rises, the electrical resistance increases and the consumption of electricity decreases.

  • Due to its innovative polymer design, the heating element acts as a sensor on its whole surface and cannot overheat.

  • The heating element can run on either AC or DC current.
FloorHeat is ideal for heating floors because it is so thin that it will not affect your floor buildup, weight loads, or flooring choices. Its durability and versatility is also perfect for remodeling jobs and retrofit applications.